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What is Adessowiki

Welcome do adessowiki. This is a colaborative plataform to cientific programming and documents writting, initially dedicated to image processing, with support for programming languages Python/C/C++.

Adessowiki platform is based on open source initiatives such as Python, Django, LaTex and others.

This project is a collaborative result between UNICAMP and Centro de Tecnologia de Informação (CTI) Renato Archer.

Sign in in Adessowiki

Adessowiki is organized in namespaces. Users of Adessowiki can have three levels of permissions on each namespace:

  1. Read the html files
  2. Read the source text that generates the html files
  3. Write and save the source text that generates the html files

You need to set up an username and password to register in Adessowiki. Use the "sign in" link on the upper right corner of the Adessowiki window. If you have a key string to use during the signing up process, this will give you access to namespaces implicitly specified by the key.

Follow these steps to sign in: Sign in instructions.

Versions and Packages installed:

1. print 'Python version:', sys.version
2. print 'numpy version:', numpy.version.version
3. print mmversion()
Python version: 2.7.3 (default, Apr 10 2013, 06:20:15) 
[GCC 4.6.3]
numpy version: 1.9.2
SDC Morphology Toolbox for Python-numpy V1.6 12aug2011 (build 2000)

Available Images

Click here to access the list of available images for utilization on scripts


1. import scipy
3. print 'Python version', sys.version[:5]
4. print 'numpy version', numpy.version.version
5. print 'scipy version', scipy.version.version
6. print mmversion()
Python version 2.7.3
numpy version 1.9.2
scipy version 0.12.0
SDC Morphology Toolbox for Python-numpy V1.6 12aug2011 (build 2000)
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