Demo iadgear

Detect the teeth of a gear


The input image is a binary image of a gear. The opening top-hat is used to detect the gear teeth. Finally, the teeth detected are labeled.



The binary image of a gear is read.

1. a = adreadgray('gear.tif');
2. adshow(a);

Opening and subtraction

Opening of the input image by an Euclidean disk of radius 20. The sequence opening-subtraction is called opening top-hat. The opening top-hat could be executed in a single command: c = iaopenth(a,iasedisk(20));

1. import ia870 as mm
3. b = mm.iaopen(a,mm.iasedisk(20));
4. adshow(b);
5. c = mm.iasubm(a,b);
6. adshow(c);

Labeling and counting

The teeth detected are labeled. The maximum pixel value in the labeled image gives the number of connected objects (n. of teeth).

1. d = mm.ialabel(c);
2. nteeth = d.max()
3. adshow(mm.iaglblshow(d,'border'), '%d teeth' % nteeth )

24 teeth

See Also

  • ialabel - Labeling of connected components