Function iadtshow


Display a distance transform image with an iso-line color table.


Displays the distance transform image f (uint8 or uint16) with a special gray-scale color table with n pseudo-color equaly spaced. The final appearance of this display is similar to an iso-contour image display. The infinity value, which is the maximum level allowed in the image, is displayed as black. The image is displayed in the MATLAB figure only if no output parameter is given.


Example 1

1. from ia870 import iadist, iagdtshow
3. f = arange(256).astype('uint8')
4. f2 = resize(f,(256,256))
5. adshow(f2)
6. adshow(iagdtshow(f2))

Example 2

1. from ia870 import iadist, iagdtshow
2. import ia636
4. f=mmreadgray('blob.tif')
5. fd = iadist(f)
6. adshow( ia636.ianormalize(fd))
7. adshow(iagdtshow(fd))