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Welcome to Adessowiki. This is a collaborative platform for scientific programming and document writing, initially dedicated to Image Processing and support for Python/C/C++ programming. This project is a collaboration between the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and the Renato Archer Information Technology Center (CTI).

Publications, presentation and the history of this project is described in History of Adessowiki.

Warning: As parts of these contents are still in Portuguese, please Use Google translator to read this material in English.



  • July 2014: We are looking for a pos-doc in Medical Imaging related to a CAPES - Science without Borders PVE project. More information at: Posdoc annoucement.

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Adessowiki is built around many freely available software such as Python, Django, LaTeX and many others. To know more about the system, check the documents listed below.

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