RENAVAM: Car Number Plate Reading

Autor: rubens
Data: 08/08/2008
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Extracting the characters from the plate







(a) Original image; (b) Gray Scale image; (c) After Ostu binarization; the straight lines are extracted by bounding-box connected filter with size 150 x 100 pixels; (d) Rotation correction; the angle is estimated from Hough transform; (e) Rotated gray scale image; (f) Blob labeling; the plate location is based on vertial projection of the rotated lines.

Angle for correction: -1.00 degrees
Elapsed times:
      Read/Neg:  57.12 ms
     Otsu/Bbox: 105.26 ms
         Hough:  19.41 ms
        Rotate:  19.08 ms
         Slice:   1.54 ms
      Labeling:  14.18 ms
         TOTAL: 216.58 ms