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Abstract — Adessowiki is a collaborative environment for teaching and research in image processing [Lotufo2009]. Adessowiki is composed of a collection of collaborative web pages in the form of a wiki. The articles of this wiki can embed programming code that will be executed on the server when the page is rendered, incorporating the results as figures, texts and tables on the document [Rubens2011].

The integrated collaborative environment of Adessowiki, containing documentation, programming code and execution results is able to create several possibilities of applications. This paper presents some of the applications where Adessowiki has been used, such as Scientific Writing and Virtual Learning Environment.


The combination of a collaborative wiki environment, central server with software and data and execution of source code at render time enables an unnumbered possibilities of applications. This project is focused on the image processing area, as it is the speciality of the research team, however it may be used on nearly any area of scienti c computing and engineering. Some of the anticipated cases of use are: teaching environment, where students submit their reports and exercises on Adessowiki without needing to install special software; writing of texts, papers and collaborative scienti c computing books, where gures are generated in a reproducible way by programs written by the authors; collaborative research environment, allowing multiple researchers of a group to exchange scienti c results along with the algorithms implementation; comparison of solutions and benchmarking of algorithms given that all the programs are executed under the same con guration; creation of an encyclopedia of algorithms and executable source code solving problems with the same data set, easing the task of comparisons between them. The main point of this project is the incorporation of the ability to execute code on the server as a part of the render of a wiki document. The concept is still new and certainly other applications will arise from this environment.

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[Rubens2011]===> Rubens C. Machado, Leticia. Lotufo. Adessowiki - Collaborative platform for writing executable papers, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science, ICCS 2011, 2011, Pages 759-767.