White matter regions found using the Bridge Burner approach and the max-tree approach

This is a shared virtual processing environment. Processing times are meant to give an idea of the different methods speeds, they are expected to be faster in normal environments.

Original image shape: 240 x 240 x 180
Voxel dimensions in mm: 0.96x0.96x1.00
Image range: min = 0, max = 4666
Otsu cropping time: 0.46s
Image shape after cropping: 216 x 228 x 166

Original image

Bridge Burner approach

Convolution mask size: 11 x 11 x11
Bridge burner approach time: 7.42s

White-matter region found by Bridge burner approach (white cube)

Max-tree approach

Max-tree approach time: 2.62s

White-matter region found by max-tree approach (white region)