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IA366F - GPU based Image Processing

This course was taught at University of Campinas, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering from August to November 2010. It used the Adessowiki collaborative environment. To know more about Adessowiki, please access the MainPage and the history of the project: History.

Particularly in this course, the students were able to develop their programs in CUDA using the GPU sandbox connected to the NVidia GeForce GTX 285 graphic card. In the Adessowiki environment you have the text, data and programs all in the same collaborative environment. This course is in Portuguese, but that are many parts in English to facilitate the navigation of international visitors.

Subject details:
The course is going to introduce image processing algorithms implementation using GPU accelerator boards [Graphical Processing Unit]. The course will be offered through the collaborative programming enviroment Adessowiki (

List of all programs developped by the students during the course.

Comparison among many 2D convolution implementations

Some papers written by the students (in Portuguese, use Google translator at the top of this page to read it in English)
Bibliography (Text Book)
On-line resources:

First programs in CUDA:

GPU News:

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