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Figure 5.29 - Opening by a flat disk


Figure 5.29 illustrates opening by a flat disk of a real gray-scale image.

The two left pictures of Fig. 5.29 are the shade representations of the input (a) and opened images (c). The two pictures on the right are their equivalent surface representations Note how the round seeds are highlighted while other bright narrow structures are suppressed. (c) and (d) Note how the thin black shadow of the twig has resulted in a wider black region following the twig.

Demo Script

 1 import ia870 as MT
 3 f = adreadgray('MVBook/bunch-seeds.jpg')
 4 D = MT.iasedisk(3)
 5 g = MT.iaopen(f,D)
 6 fs = MT.iagsurf(f)
 7 gs = MT.iagsurf(g)
 9 adshow(f,'(a)')
10 adshow(fs,'(b)')
11 adshow(g,'(c)')
12 adshow(gs,'(d)')