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Figure 5.30 - Radial opening


Like in the binary case, the most popular gray-scale -opening is the flat radial opening. Figure 5.30 shows a radial opening using rotated linear structuring elements from 0-deg to 180-deg in steps of 15-deg. Note how the opening has marked only straight elongated pasta chips.

Like opening, the gray-scale closing is defined analogously to the binary case:

Duality takes the form

Demo Script

 1 import ia870 as MT
 2 import numpy as np
 3 from handson.lib import iaropen
 5 f = adreadgray('MVBook/pasta.jpg')
 6 g = iaropen(f,65,arange(0,175,15))
 8 adshow(f,'(a) input image')
 9 adshow(MT.iagsurf(f), '(b) surface view of the input image')
11 adshow(g, '(c) radial opening')
12 adshow(MT.iagsurf(g), '(d) top-view surface of the radial opening.')

(a) input image

(b) surface view of the input image

(c) radial opening

(d) top-view surface of the radial opening.