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Figure 6.17 - Reconstructive radial opening


Morphological reconstruction is one of the most used tools to build connected filters. The gray-scale reconstructive opening is a natural extension of Eq. (3.13) and is defined by

or equivalently by

It is also called connected opening, as reconstructive operators are connected operators. Reconstruction can also be applied from a radial opening. This is illustrated in Fig. 6.17 using the input image and radial opening from Fig. 5.30

Demo Script

 1 import ia870 as MT
 2 import numpy as np
 3 from handson.lib import iaropen
 5 f = adreadgray('MVBook/pasta.jpg')
 6 g = iaropen(f,65,arange(0,175,15));
 7 g1 = MT.iainfrec(g,f);
 9 adshow(f,'(a) input image')
10 adshow(g,'(b) radial opening as shown in Fig. 5.30')
11 adshow(g1,'(c) reconstructive radial opening (connected)')

(a) input image

(b) radial opening as shown in Fig. 5.30

(c) reconstructive radial opening (connected)