Demo iadcookies

Detect broken rounded biscuits.


The input image is a gray-scale image of two rounded-shaped biscuits. One of them is broken. The purpose is to detect the broken biscuit.



The input image is read.

1. a = adreadgray('cookies.tif')
2. adshow(a)


Convert to binary objects by thresholding

1. b = a >= 100
2. adshow(b)

Open tophat with large octagon disk

The tophat of the binary image by an octagon disk with a radius fits the good biscuit but does not fit in the broken biscuit can detect the broken one.

1. import ia870 as mm
2. c = mm.iaopenth(b,mm.iasedisk(55,'2D','OCTAGON'))
3. adshow(c)

Remove the residues

Clean the residues from the octagon disk and the rounded shaped biscuits by eliminating small connected regions

1. d = mm.iaareaopen(c,400)
2. adshow(d)

Final display

Display the detected broken biscuit

1. adshow(mm.iagshow(a,d))