The Watershed Transform

This is a public area of the Adessowiki site, dedicated to discuss the watershed transform.

Currently the main content of this area is the Master Thesis entitled "Analysis of Algorithms of the Watershed Transform". However, this content is almost entirely in portuguese, with the exception of the source codes, developed in english.

Also, this site aims on becoming a comprehensive resource for research and development of the watershed transform, structuring data of definitions and algorithms, as well as implementations on Python and C/C++ languages. As a colaborative environment, we expect to provide different implementations for each algorithm, with examples of use and explanations about the topics.


The following images were obtained by performing a watershed transform segmentation:

/media/Attachments/watershed/MainPage/ws-example-1.jpg /media/Attachments/watershed/MainPage/ws-example-2.jpg /media/Attachments/watershed/MainPage/ws-example-3.jpg

Also, look at those videos with samples of the algorithms processing:




Python Toolbox of watershed implementations

CUDA watershed implementations

List of works related to the Watershed Transform

Msc. Thesis Analysis of Algorithms of the Watershed Transform - In portuguese (source code in english)

 1 #
 2 # Toolbox watershed
 3 #
 4 from immersion import immersion
 5 from hierarchicalQueue import hierarchicalQueue
 6 from dijkstraMoore import dijkstraMoore
 7 from hillClimbing import hillClimbing
 8 from berge import berge
 9 from connectedComponents import connectedComponents
10 from unionFind import unionFind
11 from ift import ift
12 from ift_m import ift_m
13 from chainCode import chainCode
14 from tieZone import tieZone
15 from orderInvariantToboggan import orderInvariantToboggan
16 from orderInvariantImmersion import orderInvariantImmersion
17 from shortestPaths import shortestPaths
18 from watershedCut import watershedCut
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