List of papers/works related to the Watershed Transform

We ask the authors of works related to the watershed transform, both in applications and its sole development, such as surveys, new algorithms, implementations, etc., to inform us about it, so we can add them to this list. If possible, also provide the PDF or similar document, or a way that an interested person could access it, such as a DOI link, or another web page link. You may find contact information on the About page.


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    • PhD Thesis (in portuguese): Audigier, Romaric, "Zona de empate: o elo entre definições da transformada de watershed e entre elas e a segmentação via conexidade nebulosa". PhD thesis, FEEC/Unicamp, Campinas, SP, July 2007.
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Parallel Algorithms

  1. Bieniek, A.; Burkhardt, H.; Marschner, H.; Nölle, M.; Schreiber, G., "A parallel watershed algorithm". In: Proceedings of 10th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis (SCIA97), pp. 237-244, 1997.

First papers

  1. Digabel, H.; Lantuéjoul, C., "Iterative Algorithms". In: Proc. Second European Symp. Quantitative Analysis of Microstructures in Material Science, Biology and Medicine, pp. 85-99, 1978.
  2. Beucher, S.; Lantuéjoul, C., "Use of Watersheds in Contour Detection". In: International Workshop on Image Processing: Real-time Edge and Motion Detection/Estimation, September 1979.
  3. Meyer, F.; Beucher, S., "Morphological Segmentation". Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, v. 1, n. 1, pp. 21-46, September, 1990.

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